Exotic Pets

We specialize in dogs and cats only right now.


Dr. Robert WagnerSmall Animals and Exotics
VCA Fox Chapel Animal Hospital (Freeport Road)
(412) 781-6446

Dr. Edward Bennett/Dr. Kellie PersonBirds and Exotics
All Pet Animal Hospital (William Flynn Hwy)
(724) 444-6600

Dr. Marybeth ClineSmall Animals and Exotics
Riverside Veterinary Hospital (2nd Ave)
(412) 384-6884

Banfield Pet HospitalBirds and Exotics
(Petsmart William Penn Hwy)
(412) 856-3060

Dr. Margaret Dismukes/Dr. Benjamin BlakeSmall Animals and Exotics
Sewickley Vet Hospital (Ohio River Blvd)
(412) 741-5550
Small Animals and Exotics

Dr. DornSmall Animals and Exotics
West Liberty Animal Hospital (West Liberty Ave)
(412) 341-3383

Northview Animal HospitalBirds and Exotics
(Siebert Road)
(412) 364-5353

Washington Vet HospitalBirds and Exotics
(Washington Road)

Harts Run Vet HospitalSmall Animals and Exotics
(Dorseyville Road)
(412) 963-8889

Mary CvetanNot a veterinarian/Rabbit Care
Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club
(412) 606-8400 Mary@cvetan.com
If you need assistance in ANY way with your rabbit (Finding Medical Care, Placement, Adoption, etc) please contact Mary and she will be able to help you.

Becky RadichNot a veterinarian/Reptile Rescue
(412) 487-8374
25 Years experience with reptile rescues. If you need assistance in ANY way with your reptile (Placement, Adoption, etc) please contact Becky and she will be able to help you.