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Microchip implants are one of the best ways we currently have to reunite lost pets with their owners. Microchips are implanted between the shoulders, typically when animals are placed under general anesthesia for spaying or neutering, but can be done with animals awake in the span of a routine veterinary visit. Microchips contain an ID number, as well as a phone number to access a database. In the event that a lost pet is found and brought to a facility with a microchip scanner (such as a veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or police station), the scanning facility will call the phone number to access the database, which will contain information about the name of the pet’s owner and a way to contact them, typically by phone. Microchip implants are NOT GPS devices, so pet owners are not able to obtain information about physical location from the implants. At EEVMC we utilize the Pet Link microchip implant, which is an ISO compatible chip. ISO chips are the global standard in microchips, and contain a 15-digit number that is readable by chip scanners both here in the United States as well as abroad. When we implant a Pet Link chip, we upload the client’s pertinent contact information to the Pet Link database. Clients are then able to access the database to make any necessary changes to their contact information. It is critical that this information be kept current. Below, we have provided a link to the Pet Link website, so you can get more information on this product, or access the database to update your personal information.

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